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The Uncoachables: A Compendium Is A Book

Helgi and David were both a little under the weather this time around but didn’t let that stop them from meeting up and discussing the upcoming end of the season and playoffs.

Congratulations to Álftanes in the men’s 1st division and to Stjarnan in the women’s 1st division, David and Helgi discuss how the playoffs in those divisions will be and then talk about how crazy the final two rounds in the mens’ Subway league will be.

Five teams are competing to be in the last two playoff spots and teams can still improve their standings in the positions above.

Towards the end of the podcast Helgi goes over the proposals at the upcoming biannual general meeting of the Icelandic Basketball Federation (Körfuknattleiksþing KKÍ) and David reveals he will be attending due to his new position as head coach of Fylkir! Enjoy!

Hosts: Helgi Hrafn Ólafsson and David Patchell

The Uncoachables is brought to you by Lykill, Subway and Kristall

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