The Uncoachables: Cup Week

After The Geysir Cup Week wrapped up last weekend we go over the Men’s and Women’s Leagues, the Cup Week and all it’s games and discuss close games and stories going on in the leagues.

Þór Akureyri men’s team may not be out of danger of relegation as Valur seem to finally have found themselves and the big deciding game between the two teams will be shortly after the national team break. Grindavík women’s team might be better than they were and Keflavík women’s is underperforming.

We discuss Women’s semifinal in the Cup and possibly one of the best women’s games to be played in many years (KR-Valur). After going over those results we end with a chat about how few of the veterans are available for NT play and if this is finally the changing of the guard.


Hosts: Helgi Hrafn Ólafsson and David Patchell