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In our last podcast this season about the Men’s and Women’s Premier League 2018-2019, sponsored by Domino’s Pizza, David, Regína and Helgi discuss the Icelandic Champions on both sides. Valur swept Keflavík quite handily 3-0 in the Women’s Finals and KR defeated ÍR after a grueling five game series that left some players injured. The silly season has already started with teams signing players and coaches left and right. Tindastóll bought the coach that beat them and Valur appears to be building a strong culture with good coaches through all of the youth and senior teams. Some teams might be in trouble next year if they keep losing players and coaches and we talk about key re-signings for others. Finally we touch base on the national teams training facility woes and how the coaching landscape is looking with regard to the licensing system being integrated. Enjoy.

Hosts: Helgi Hrafn Ólafsson, David Patchell and Regína Ösp Guðmundsdóttir.

00:00:30 – Regína welcomed to David’s home
00:03:15 – Women’s Finals: Valur triple champs!
00:13:45 – Men’s Finals: KR 6-time champions (David’s bet)
00:19:30 – Finals MVPs, ticket prices and
00:22:50 – Silly Season explained and some rumors
00:25:10 – Baldur Þór going to coach Tindastóll
00:29:50 – Valur building a culture of greatness?
00:35:00 – ÍR a contender again next year?
00:36:45 – Keflavík with new coaches and assistants on both sides
00:39:40 – Key players resigning with their teams
00:42:45 – Haukar, Snæfell and Skallagrímur in trouble next year?
00:49:15 – Benni Gumm coaching KR women’s alongside national team?
00:53:10 – National team training facility woes
00:59:25 – Jón Axel declares for the NBA Draft 2019
01:03:00 – Coaching roles and education and licenses