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Helgi and Regína have been away from each other for quite a while because of reasons. We’re finally back and going over the teams and the season that just ended. We discuss which teams had too many players or too few, what changes were big and what surprised us as well as giving out awards for the regular season. Towards the end we try and predict the semifinals results that are starting and what teams need to do to win. Lots to talk about! Enjoy!

Hosts: Helgi Hrafn Ólafsson and Regín Ösp Guðmundsdóttir.

00:00:30 – We’ve been away for a while. Excuses abound.
00:02:55 – Breiðablik in 8th; too many players?
00:09:25 – Skallagrímur in 7th; too few players?
00:16:15 – Haukar in 6th; not bad, building for next year?
00:22:35 – Snæfell in 5th; too many minutes on too few players?
00:32:05 – KR in 4th; good blend of foreign and homegrown talent?
00:40:10 – Stjarnan in 3rd; a little disappointing? Just a tad?
00:46:05 – Keflavík in 2nd; too many players? Sour grapes?
00:52:25 – Valur in 1st; all thanks to Helena?
00:55:15 – Awards: Reg. season MVPs
00:57:40 – Awards: Most improved player
01:00:10 – Awards: Most promising young player
01:04:25 – Surprising team of the year
01:06:45 – Disappointing team of the year
01:09:20 – The Valur (1)-KR (4) series
01:13:45 – The Keflavík (2)-Stjarnan (3) series