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In our eleventh podcast about the Men’s Premier League 2018-2019, sponsored by Domino’s Pizza, David, Axel and Helgi discuss the second round of the playoffs, where one team surprised and another team ran out of gas in our opinion. The seventh seeded ÍR team is going up against the fifth seeded and five time defending champions in KR. ÍR has already opened the series by stealing the home court advantage! We talk about who won or lost the game and go over strategies and dynamics for game two which is being played today! We talk about new stories in the league and go over the women’s semifinals and finals where Valur has taken a commanding 2-0 lead and can sweep next Saturday at home. Regína could not join us tonight but will be joining us for an end of season wrapup when the champions in the men and women’s leagues have been crowned at the beginning of May. Enjoy.

Hosts: Helgi Hrafn Ólafsson, David Patchell and Axel Örn Sæmundsson

00:00:30 – Happy Easter and happy First Day of Summer!
00:04:30 – Shall we talk about basketball? Crazy predictions.
00:05:50 – Men’s Semifinals: KR-Þór Þorlákshöfn
00:13:45 – Men’s Semifinals: Stjarnan-ÍR
00:21:45 – Men’s Finals: KR-ÍR; ÍR has already taken game 1!
00:25:25 – Who won/lost this first game?
00:33:35 – Who’s winning this series? KR or ÍR?
00:34:30 – Is Borche Ilievski the best coach in the league?
00:42:20 – New stories: Grindavík making off-season moves.
00:43:20 – New stories: Tindastóll losing key players and coach.
00:47:20 – Promoted teams next year: Fjölnir and Þór Akureyri
00:51:15 – Where will players be going next season?
00:53:35 – Officials who aren’t allowed to officiate?
00:55:30 – Women’s Semifinals: Keflavík-Stjarnan
01:00:05 – Women’s Semifinals: Valur-KR
01:03:10 – Women’s Finals: Valur-Keflavík; 2-0 already for Valur!
01:15:35 – Promoted team next year: Congratulations Grindavík girls!