As an experiment, we at are putting out english spoken podcasts regularly about the Domino’s men’s and women’s leagues. Ideas and improvements to this show are welcomed and we ask that you send them to <>.

In our tenth podcast about the Men’s Premier League 2018-2019, sponsored by Domino’s Pizza, David, Axel and Helgi eat pizza live and discuss the first round of the playoffs, where there was a historical amount of upsets. We talk about teams getting tripped up by themselves and adjustments of coaches and teams being what turned games around. The semifinals are right around the corner and we have two exciting series coming!

The rivalry between Stjarnan and ÍR continues and the experienced KR meets the well coached Þór Þorlákshöfn. Towards the end we thank players and coaches who have been defeated in the first round and are going on summer vacation. Enjoy.


Hosts: Helgi Hrafn Ólafsson, David Patchell and Axel Örn Sæmundsson

00:00:30 – David pays for Dominos Pizza and we open the discussion.
00:02:15 – Stjarnan-Grindavík; an easy win for the 1st seed.
00:03:00 – Njarðvík-ÍR; who saw this coming? ÍR wins 3 in a row to win in 5!
00:08:55 – Tindastóll-Þór Þorlákshöfn; Best series of the first round?
00:18:40 – Who won/lost these series? Coaches? Players?
00:23:10 – Keflavík-KR; the 5 time champions sweep Keflavík 3-0.
00:31:35 – Here comes the second round! Good teams tripped up!
00:34:20 – Stjarnan-ÍR: the matchup people were waiting for!
00:40:30 – KR-Þór Þorlákshöfn: experience vs. execution?
00:48:00 – Playoff excitement! Historical occurences!
00:49:05 – Best/smartest adjustments in the first round?
00:54:25 – Thanks to players/coaches who dropped out of the playoffs

Playoff prediction results:
Axel (A) – 2
David (D) – 3
Helgi (H) – 4

Predictions for the second round:
3-1 Stjarnan (Axel)
3-1 Stjarnan (David)
3-2 ÍR (Helgi)

KR-Þór Þorlákshöfn:
3-1 KR (David)
3-1 KR (Helgi)
3-2 Þór Þorlákshöfn (Axel)