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In our ninth podcast about the Men’s Premier League 2018-2019, sponsored by Domino’s Pizza, David, Axel and Helgi discuss the end of the regular season and some surprising and important games in the last rounds. We discuss specific teams and some coaches leaving their jobs as well as a few possible player movements.

The playoffs are starting and the first round is set. The top seeded Stjarnan team will go against the 8th seeded Grindavík team and we don’t think Stjarnan will have any trouble sweeping them. The 2nd seeded Njarðvík will meet the 7th seed, ÍR, in a series which will in our opinion be decided by who controls the game (and wins Game 1). Tindastóll, the 3rd seed, has the home court advantage against the 6th seeded Þór Þorlákshöfn which could very well be decided by what team wins the first away game. The most exciting series is usually the 4th and 5th seed and it is between two dynasties; Keflavík and KR. Will KR get to the Finals again or be snuffed our immediately by Keflavík? Finally, we thank each other for a fun regular season and hope for an exciting playoffs! Enjoy.

Hosts: Helgi Hrafn Ólafsson, David Patchell and Axel Örn Sæmundsson

00:00:30 – The season is over!
00:02:55 – Prediction results
00:04:00 – Breiðablik relegated
00:09:45 – KR is different in the playoffs
00:13:10 – Njarðvík didn’t get the top spot
00:18:00 – 3 coaches announce they’re quitting
00:26:20 – Skallagrímur woes
00:29:35 – Awards: Reg. season MVPs
00:36:15 – Awards: Best young player
00:38:45 – Awards: Most improved player
00:43:40 – Surprising team of the year and their coach
00:46:35 – Disappointing team of the year
00:52:05 – The Stjarnan (1)-Grindavík (8) series
00:54:00 – The Njarðvík (2)-ÍR (7) series
00:56:15 – The Tindastóll (3)-Þór Þorlákshöfn (6) series
00:59:10 – The Keflavík (4)-KR (5) series
01:01:50 – Thanks and sincerity after the season