David & Helgi: Cup Week Special

As an experiment, we at Karfan.is are putting out english spoken podcasts regularly about Icelandic basketball. Ideas and improvements to this show are welcomed and we ask that you send them to karfan@karfan.is.

In this special podcast David and Helgi talk about the Icelandic Cup Week, sponsored by Geysir Car Rentals. In Cup Week there are 5 days of Cup games that are all live, either on RÚV (the Icelandic national broadcasting station) or on SportTV.is, with multiple cameras and commentary. We go through the Women’s Semifinals games that are just over and then discuss and predict the results of Cup Week. Lots of exciting games and interesting storylines! Enjoy!

Hosts: Helgi Hrafn Ólafsson and David Patchell

00:01:20 – Breiðablik-Stjarnan (Women’s Semifinals Cup Game)
00:09:30 – Valur-Snæfell (Women’s Semifinals Cup Game)
00:24:45 – Stjarnan-ÍR (Men’s Semifinals Cup Game)
00:28:55 – Njarðvík-KR (Men’s Semifinals Cup Game)
00:33:55 – We go over the schedule and how great this Cup week is
00:34:55 – Grindavík-Njarðvík (Girl’s U-16 Final Cup Game)
00:37:30 – Fjölnir-Stjarnan (Boy’s U-16 Final Cup Game)
00:41:10 – Stjarnan-Valur (Women’s Final Cup Game)
00:44:10 – Stjarnan/ÍR-Njarðvík/KR (Men’s Final Cup Game)
00:47:00 – Haukar-Stjarnan (Boy’s U-15 Final Cup Game)
00:49:20 – Keflavík-KR (Women’s U-18 Final Cup Game)
00:50:55 – KR-Njarðvík (Men’s U-20 Final Cup Game)
00:52:25 – Fjölnir-Stjarnan (Men’s U-18 Final Cup Game)
00:55:05 – Keflavík-Njarðvík (Girl’s U-15 Final Cup Game)
00:56:30 – PSA to players, coaches and everybody: Enjoy yourselves!