David, Axel & Helgi: Fines, leaders and surprising teams

As an experiment, we at Karfan.is are putting out english spoken podcasts regularly about the Domino’s men’s and women’s leagues. Ideas and improvements to this show are welcomed and we ask that you send them to karfan@karfan.is.

In our seventh podcast about the Men’s Premier League 2018-2019, sponsored by Domino’s Pizza, David, Axel and Helgi discuss the last two rounds and their previous predictions at the beginning of the podcast and the Geysir cup quarterfinals results.

The KKÍ (Icelandic Basketball Federation) disciplinary committee has given Lewis Clinch Jr. a one game suspension and fined Grindavík for his tweets during the Njarðvík-Þór Þ. game and we debate if fining the club is the best idea.

We discuss new (and old) players arriving at Grindavík, Stjarnan and Tindastóll and wonder if these moves will work out for the teams. The bottom teams are discussed and finally we predict the next three rounds since after that we’re going into the Geysir Cup break.

We also speculate about possible surprise results and surprise signings. Enjoy.

Hosts: Helgi Hrafn Ólafsson, David Patchell and Axel Örn Sæmundsson

00:00:30 – The blurb and a short discussion about Iceland finally getting snow
00:01:35 – Prediction results: Surprising games discussed.
00:10:15 – Lewis Clinch suspended 1 game and Grindavík fined; Fair/Unfair?
00:13:10 – Ingvi Þór back home in Grindavík
00:18:10 – Stjarnan rolling after they get some new players
00:22:34 – Tindastóll adds a new player after bad month of January
00:28:50 – Valur almost beat some top teams this month, how’d the mess it up?
00:31:45 – Relegations looms for Breiðablik and Skallagrímur
00:38:15 – Our predictions for Round 16; David jokes he should copy Axel
00:41:30 – Our predictions for Round 17; Axel and Helgi go head-to-head
00:46:00 – Our predictions for Round 18; Where we agree on a lot of games
00:48:25 – Any surprise results on the horizon? Surprise signings?



The predictions scoreboard:
Axel (A) – 39
David (D) – 34
Helgi (H) – 35

The picks for Round 16 (31/1-1/2):
(ADH) Tindastóll-KR
(ADH) Valur-Grindavík
(A) Þór Þ.-Stjarnan (DH)
(A) Keflavík-ÍR (DH)
Haukar-Njarðvík (ADH)
(AD) Skallagrímur-Breiðablik (H)

The picks for Round 17 (3/2-4/2):
(H) ÍR-Þór Þ. (AD)
(ADH) Stjarnan-Valur
(DH) Grindavík-Tindastóll (A)
Breiðablik-Keflavík (ADH)
(AH) KR-Njarðvík (D)
(AD) Skallagrímur-Haukar (H)

The picks for Round 18 (7/2-8/2):
(ADH) Njarðvík-Grindavík
(ADH) Þór Þ.-Breiðablik
(ADH) Keflavík-Skallagrímur
(AD) Haukar-KR (H)
(D) Valur-ÍR (AH)
(DH) Tindastóll-Stjarnan (A)