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In our third podcast about the Mens Premier League, sponsored by Domino’s Pizza, we are joined again by Axel Örn Sæmundsson to discuss the fifth to seventh rounds and how right we were about some predictions regarding player movements and teams. We talk about Grindavíks struggles and their newest player as well as Thor Thorlákshöfn turning their luck around. No coaches have been fired (…yet) so we discuss who may or may not be in the hot seat.

Stjarnan has been unconvincing and we talk about who needs to step up on that team. KR is getting the old gang back together (Kristófer Acox, Pavel Ermolinskij and Finnur Atli Magnússon) and we try and predict how the team will change with the new/old additions.

Elvar Márs role in Njarðvík is a topic of discussion and we also talk about some high-scoring games in the last round. The tiers in the standings seem to be changing slightly and teams are moving between them, or is it too early to say? Now that the trade window is closed until the New Year, should teams be content with their rosters? In the end David celebrates being ahead in the prediction game, we predict the next round and mention some favorable and unfavorable matchups. Finally we give thanks to things in the leage as we are coming up on Thanksgiving. Enjoy.

Hosts: Helgi Hrafn Ólafsson, David Patchell and Axel Örn Sæmundsson

00:01:40 – We were right: Successful predictions (Grindavík, Thor Thorlákshöfn)
00:08:00 – No coaches fired….yet. Who’s in trouble?
00:15:00 – Valur beats Stjarnan, what’s happening in Garðbær?
00:22:25 – The KR resurgence, the old gang’s back together!
00:30:15 – Elvar Már is back; who’s “The Guy” in Njarðvík now?
00:34:00 – High-scoring games: ÍR-Valur and Breiðablik-Thor Thorlákshöfn
00:42:40 – Tindastóll keeps on chugging
00:45:15 – Standings: Are the tiers changing? Who is where?
00:49:10 – The trade window has closed; is everyone happy?
00:51:05 – Predictions: Who won last time and who’ll win this round?
01:01:40 – Thanksgiving: We give thanks for ______________ this season.