As an experiment, we at are going to put out english spoken podcasts every month about the Domino’s men’s and women’s leagues. Ideas and improvements to this show are welcomed and we ask that you send them to

In our second podcast about the Women’s Premier League, sponsored by Domino’s Pizza, we discuss the first four rounds and how crazy the league has started out. We talk about Breiðabliks rough start and how Skallagrímur looks better than we expected. The big surprise is KR being 3-1 and Stjarnan and Keflavík being only 2-2. Notable players and performances are discussed and we go over our predictions from the first round. In the end we predict the next round and mention some favorable and unfavorable matchups. Enjoy.


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Hosts: Helgi Hrafn Ólafsson and Lexi Petersen

00:00:30 – Lexi and Helgi discuss how crazy the league is
00:04:35 – Is KR surprising everybody?
00:07:15 – Breiðablik is struggling and Skallagrímur are finding their groove
00:09:45 – Notable performances in these first 4 rounds
00:14:35 – Hot takes? Underperformers?
00:18:00 – The results of our predictions from the 1st round
00:21:00 – Our predictions for the next round (Rnd 5)