As an experiment, we at are going to put out english spoken podcasts every month about the Domino’s men’s and women’s leagues. Ideas and improvements to this show are welcomed.
In our first podcast about the Men’s Premier League, sponsored by Domino’s Pizza, we discuss the preseason power rankings of We work from the bottom up and predict how all the teams will do you. There has been a lot of personal movement, both players and coaches, this year and we talk about which of them may be the most deciding. In the end we discuss the foreign players rule changes and how they’ll affect the league. We finish by predicting the first round of games at the beginning of the season (October 4th and 5th). Enjoy.
Host: Helgi Hrafn Ólafsson
00:00:30 – David tells how he came to Iceland and discussed the national team
00:05:20 – From the bottom up: Breiðablik, Þór Þorlákshöfn and Skallagrímur
00:19:40 – Missing some players from last year: Valur, Haukar and Grindavík
00:36:30 – The good, the bad and the ugly: ÍR, KR and Keflavík
00:50:15 – The top teams are gonna be strong: Njarðvík, Tindastóll and Stjarnan
01:03:40 – The foreign player rule change and its effect on the league
01:13:00 – Predictions for the first round of games