Now it´s clear what teams will play in the second round of the Subway Cup in men´s group. Snæfell and Grindavík were the two last teams to claim their spot in round two.
Grindavík thrased their brothers of ÍG 77-147, both teams from the town of Grindavík. Snæfell met with Álftanes who play in the second division and also came up with a big win, 49-122.
Here are the team who will be eligible for the second round draw:
1. Ármann
2. Njarðvík
3. Skallagrímur
4. Laugdælir
5. KFÍ
6. ÍBV
8. Tindastóll
9. Breiðablik
10. Valur
11. ÍR
12. Hamar
13. Keflavík
14. Fjölnir
15. Grindavík
16. Snæfell